The story that never ended

Those were summer days when she was waiting for his return under the shade of a banyan tree only sound she could here was of the chirping birds and the of love in the air. Finally he came and it was like dream came true for her, it is true that love is in the air and now she could feel it, she could feel her raising heart beat which belongs to him………🌹🌹🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁

The story that never ended

Hey everyone,

It’s being so long since I haven’t posted anything interesting as I was working on a story of a girl and her crush, the boy whom she was crushing on since she was 10 and now I m gonna share it with you guys too, as in parts “the story that never ended ” written by me, first scene will be out tomorrow, hope you will like it.


Those days

They were summer days when I was in 9th standard and had many male friends, it was common like everyone have so even my friends, so we used to talk to them during school hours, they were our seniors, our female teachers used to notice us daily and one day they called all of us and punished for having boyfriend’s, we all were like what the hell…………. Our boyfriend’s were like god we don’t see them but everyone believes we have one, but even after punishments we didn’t cleared their doubt but irritated them more πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,miss those days .

My library teacher

Once I used to hate my library teacher but now I respect him more than anyone he was very old, a man with harsh voice, snow Β white hair and beard, and I used to be Β a kind of girl who had many friends he always used to punish me for talking in the library, but one day he called me and said ask one of your friends to help you tomorrow, he ended by saying this and I called my each friend one by one but no one agreed to help, I was upset, next day I met him he asked me ” where are your friends, you have many right”, I felt bad not because of sir but because of my friend, I stood there silently then he called up his friend and ask him for help, his friend came Β he was carrying a bag in his one hand and a wooden stick in other, he came and said friend if you have any money related problem then here is some money in the bag and if there is some other problem I m ready to fight for you.

That day I realized having one true friend is better than having many fake friends.

Chapter of life

We all go through some certain problems and stress, we all have burdens, we all face difficulties, we all cry and regret at some certain stages of life but still we smile because we know life always changes its chapter and when it does, it always comes with an opportunity which changes fate of many, so live your present joyfully because past has gone and future haven’t come yet.

Love, Live and Laugh.

Welcome to my blog

Hello friends this is my first blog and even my first startup up too. I m passionate about writing articles and stories. Hope you will like them before starting I just want to know your views what type of articles or stories do you like or interested in. So please comment below and let me know your interest.